Clients want proactivity – we hear this all the time.

What is less easy to determine is what proactive actually means – because in our experience it varies client by client.

Simply – we want to be proactive and we handle this in various ways:

  • We do not charge for telephone support, encouraging you to call us when you need help and assistance
  • We send out a weekly Client Newsletter to update you as to current events and changes that you should be aware of
  • We seek to work with you throughout the year through the provision of services that allow us to meet regularly to discuss your business and its development
  • We seek to meet with you annually to undertake a tax planning exercise to mitigate your tax liabilities
  • We offer benchmarking services, allowing you to compare your performance against your peers

Remember though – proactivity requires contact from you too, and that is why we do not charge to hear from you – ever!

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