Leading business organisations have criticised the Government’s decision to scrap the northern leg of HS2, despite its promises to divert £36 billion into new transport in the Midlands and north of England.

High-Speed Rail Group, which represents rail and engineering firms, described the move as the “biggest and most damaging U-turn in the history of UK infrastructure”.

The replacement scheme, “Network North”, includes schemes already in progress or where funding was expected, alongside previously paused or cancelled projects.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the “facts have changed”, and it was time to ditch the high-speed rail project between Birmingham and Manchester in the face of increasing costs.

He confirmed that, contrary to some ongoing fears, the HS2 line would still continue into central London, ending at a scaled-down Euston station.

As part of the plan, £9.6bn would be reinvested into the Midlands, including a rail hub for the region, and an additional £1bn for the West Midlands city region, whose Conservative mayor Andy Street had earlier indicated he was considering leaving the party if HS2 was scrapped.

The £19.8bn from scrapping HS2’s second phase would be spent on electrifying rail lines, with £2bn going to Bradford and £2.5bn for West Yorkshire, including the tram in Leeds.

Commenting on the decision, Chris Fletcher, greater Manchester chamber director of policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said:

“Whilst this may sound like a better use of the money with new lines promised, we are still no nearer getting the transport network that we actually needed years ago to unlock the north’s potential.

“HS2 was a major investment opportunity for the UK that would unburden a worn-out network already at over capacity; boost the country’s net zero ambitions and open up labour markets and job opportunities on a scale like never before.

Plus, it was also a cornerstone of Northern Powerhouse Rail. Network North has to deliver all this, and more and in a shorter timescale.”

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