You may receive the following letter from Companies House, if you don’t we may have received it on your behalf.

We’re stopping paper reminders

Reinvesting in our products and services

You’ll no longer receive paper reminder letters from us.

Our reminder letters cost £1.2 million to print last year.

We can now reinvest this saving into our products and services, to make us more efficient and improve our customer experience.

If you still want reminders

Sign up to our email reminder service and we’ll tell you when your confirmation statement or accounts are due:

Advantages of email reminders

The service is free and you can:

  • choose up to 4 people to receive a reminder (including an agent)
  • file your document immediately from a link within the email

Directors’ responsibilities

It’s the directors’ responsibility to file a company’s information on time.

As a director, you could get a criminal record, a fine and disqualification if you do not deliver your accounts and confirmation statement on time. If your company is not trading and you wish to remove it from the register go to:

Yours faithfully

John-Mark Frost – Director of Operations