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Cashflow Forecasting and Projections

Cashflow Forecasting and Projections

Is your business always constrained by lack of working capital? Is it just down to slow debtor payment or accelerated creditor payments or is the business just in need of more or different finance?

We are experts in evaluating business performance trends which enables us to work with you to accurately forecast likely levels of future profitability and therefore underlying working capital requirements.

If more working capital is required, then we can help you discuss the matter with your current financier and provide them with the reports that they need to enable a quick finance decision to be made.

Unhappy with the financier or their responses to a request for more funding support, we will help introduce you to alternative forms of finance or financiers.

Projecting your Business Aspirations

Most people have plans to develop their business, but in our experience, many have no projection to support that the outcome of their plans is either sustainable or indeed desirable!

Projecting for the future is often the subject of derision – “I don’t know what next week will bring, how can I forecast the future?”.

The point is this – having a projection allows you to monitor whether performing to your desired level actually delivers an outcome that you want – you will be amazed how many times clients are shocked by their findings!

Once you know what the outcome is of delivering your business plan, hopefully, you can use the numbers to monitor your performance toward attaining the outcome you want. Alternatively, we can help you highlight the issues preventing you from delivering your aspirations – in time to change the outcome!

You will be surprised how much you can learn about your business – let us help you…

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